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What's your WHY?

You may well have heard author & motivational speaker Tony Robbins say that we change from a place of INSPIRATION or DESPERATION. If you have been thinking about making a career change for a while and haven't taken any action yet, there's a good chance that your motivation to move away from pain, or towards pleasure just isn't strong enough...yet.

Examples of reasons you might be looking at a career change - Desperation

- You're having to work such long hours that you only get to see your family for a few hours a week

- Your job involves staying sedentary for most of the day, which means your posture is terrible and you have constant back pain

- Your current work environment is toxic and not aligned with your personal values

Examples of reasons you might be looking at a career change - Inspiration

- You know you could be earning more money

- You have a passion for something or amazing skills that you'd like to explore

- You want the freedom to work on your terms

If you have the option wouldn't you prefer to make a change for inspiration over desperation? If you're making the decision to take action from a place of desperation, that means that you have, over time, allowed your health to suffer. Or perhaps its your relationships, your finances or overall wellbeing that's taken the hit. Wouldn't it be better to take action before things start to fall apart?

Take a minute to work out what YOUR 'why' is, and share below whether you're moving away from 'desperation' or towards 'inspiration'.

What's your motivation to make a career change? Are you moving away from 'desperation', or towards 'inspiration'?

  • Away from PAIN

  • Towards PLEASURE

  • A bit of BOTH

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