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What’s LOVE got to do with it?

If you’re thinking about a career change, and you’re in a romantic relationship, there’s a very good chance that the level of support you receive from your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend will determine the success of your career pivot.

Are the people who are closest to you fully supportive of your desire to make a change and try something new? Are they 100% behind you? Do they cheer you on and encourage you no matter what?

Conversely, not having the support from the people we care for most, is one of the biggest obstacles to initiating change. One thing that comes up again and again in my coaching sessions and podcast interviews is that a partner is either a massive support, or a massive hindrance. 

Not receiving the support from the person we’re closest to can be incredibly emotionally challenging. Because they’re so dear to us, we take their objections very personally, and very seriously. We don’t want to upset them, and we certainly don’t want to disappoint them. 

If they’re not fully on board, it’s worth spending some time finding out where exactly their objections lie. It may well be that they have very valid reasons to want you to stay exactly where you are. Sometimes however it’s just a matter of having very open and honest conversations about their reservations. They may be fearful of how your intended change will affect them. They may well be concerned about how it will affect you. There may be other things at play…like jealousy. What if you find work you love, and they’re “stuck” in a job they hate?

I write about this topic extensively in my new book “Ready to quit your job’. You can order your very own copy here.  

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