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What does success mean to you?

Updated: Apr 8

I love asking people this question, and consequently ask it a lot. I have never received the same answer twice.

Our definition of success, it seems, is as unique as we are.

More often than not it’s shaped by our experiences, our beliefs, and sometimes by what other people (hello parents!) have instilled in us.

I have worked with many people who have chased "success" for most of their lives, only to realise that they were chasing after the wrong thing.

Very early on in my career, I was sitting next to a "highly successful" business owner at a conference dinner. He spent most of the night telling me how successful he'd been in his career and evidenced his success by telling me about all the properties he now owned across the world. Being a curious 20 something year old who had lived in too many places to call anywhere "home", I was genuinely intrigued to know where he called home.

I'll never forget the complete change in his demeanour when I asked him the question. His shoulders, which had only seconds earlier had been pushed back with pride, slumped in an instant. With sadness in his eyes he considered my question carefully before answering sombrely that he supposed his home was wherever his grown-up children were. He then went on to tell me that his wife had left him, and nowhere really felt like home anymore.

Yes, he was successful in monetary terms, but was he really living a full life? It seemed that he wasn't. Our conversation taught me a very valuable lesson at a young age. I vowed to myself that I would be very mindful of what I chased, and what I defined as success.

What’s your definition of success? Has it changed over the years?

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