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It's out!

After countless conversations, hours of writing, re-writing, discussions around what it should be called, designing and redesigning the cover, tears, tantrums and copious amounts of coffee, ‘Ready to quit your job?’ is now finally available to purchase on Amazon. Eeeek! Thank you everyone who has supported the birth of this book!!!

It's been a labour of love.

I've written it for anyone who is thinking about making a big (or small) change in their career, but is held back by fear or indecision. Spoiler alert: the reader may well decide that NOT quitting is the right path for them.

It includes stories of ordinary people who have made extraordinary career moves, many of whom kindly shared their story on my podcast.

The reviews are starting to come in and making me feel like a proud mum...

"I found this book incredibly informative and well written. A must for anyone who is looking for (or is even considering) a career change. I have a queue of family members who have asked to borrow my copy!"

"Received 'Ready to quit your job?' Today. I haven't been able to put it down. Read it from cover to cover. Very inspiring and thought provoking. The authors passion run though each part of the book, I frequently had a smile on my face. Excited for what the (near) future holds! Thankyou"

"I read somewhere once when I was considering a career change that the second you begin to consider leaving your job, you’ve already left. I no longer believe that’s true. I never considered all of the possible avenues I could have pursued. Instead I probably burned bridges with people unnecessarily.

Yesim’s book is the first time I’ve really reflected back on my career and thought - I wish I had this guidance back then. Because you never know - I could need it again in future."

"This is an excellent career book with lots of practical advice on how to go about changing your career. It is not just about making big changes quickly, it focuses on the whole process which I really liked. I loved all the stories embedded throughout the book which were very inspiring. I have already bought copies for a few friends and will be recommending it to many more."

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