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If you have all FOUR of these elements in your work, you’ve hit the WORK JACKPOT!

Updated: Feb 21

1. Meaning

Your work feels meaningful to you. You contribute to society in a positive way. You create something beautiful. You and others can experience the fruits of your labour in a very tangible way.

2. Control

You have autonomy over when and where you work. You have authority to make changes that you see necessary. You’re not a slave to your inbox or someone else’s vision (that doesn’t inspire you),

3. Fun

I haven’t come across anyone yet who enjoys 100% of the work they do*, but if you find joy in 80% of your work, you’re in the minority and onto a winner!

4. Money

You make enough money to live the life you want.

How many of these can you tick?

Ready to make your own big career change? Don't do anything until you've answered these powerful 10 questions -

*if you enjoy absolutely every aspect of your work, I’d love to hear from you

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