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Deliberate or accidental?

You won’t be surprised to hear that I’m always fascinated to hear about people’s career journeys and how they’ve ended up in the job they’re in. 

For many it’s through a series of accidental events. For some it’s been a carefully curated journey. 

Our lives are shaped by a beautiful blend of meticulously planned events and serendipitous accidents.

When you plan every detail, there's little space left for those breathtaking moments that catch you off the best possible way! Isn't it thrilling when you embark on a spontaneous weekend getaway on a whim? Or when you receive a last-minute invitation to an unforgettable party? Or when you're asked to participate in a thrilling event out of the blue?

Yet, too many unforeseen events can leave you feeling like a mere bystander in your own life, constantly blaming external factors for your less-than-desirable circumstances. 

Having spent hours and hours listening to clients, friends and…well, anyone who’ll indulge me about this topic, I’ve come to the conclusion that those who are happiest in their work have found harmony between the carefully planned and an embracing of the unexpected. 

The question then arises: which aspects of your career do you wish to control, and which are you happy to leave to chance?

If you don't take charge of your career path, someone else will gladly do it for you, often with their own interests at heart. Is your employer genuinely invested in your happiness and fulfilment, or are they mainly concerned with your productivity? Does your partner care how stressed you are at work, or are they more focused on whether it will pay for luxury holidays?

I’d love to hear how deliberate you’ve been in curating your career. Is there room for you to be a little bit more intentional, and have fun with it?

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