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A change of scenery is as good as a holiday 🏖️

Updated: Apr 8

Yesterday I had the great fortune of taking part in an ‘Energy Exchange’.I’d never even heard of an energy exchange until a few weeks ago, and now, having taken part in one I can’t think of a more perfect term for it. It so accurately describes what I experienced yesterday at a wonderful ‘Regenerative Estate, Nature Reserve & Wellbeing Retreat Centre’ in Somerset. 12 other “energy exchangers” and I spent the day with 42 Acres’ incredibly knowledgeable and unbelievably caring team of gardeners. In exchange for them teaching us about gardening and their extraordinary permaculture projects, we contributed by picking seeds (to be used for new flowers next year) and blackcurrants.

I came away feeling refreshed, energised, slightly better informed and with a restored faith in humanity.

But why am I telling you this and what has this got to do with your career?

Ever heard the expression 'A change of scenery is as good as a holiday'?

I love this expression because I think it’s so true! Even a LITTLE change can make a BIG difference.

If you're feeling STUCK in a career that doesn’t bring you much (any?) joy anymore, maybe you could do with a little change of scenery.

If life is feeling monotonous, maybe all you need is a break from the norm.

If you have a holiday planned that might just do the trick. But holidays, as lovely as they can be, sometimes mean going to the same holiday destination, with the same people, and doing familiar activities.

So my challenge to you right now is to make a little plan to experience something completely different, in a different environment, with different people.

You might just find that it sparks a brand new interest, reminds you of a passion that you’d forgotten you had, and gives you a completely new & fresh perspective on life. That can't be a bad thing ;-)

Do let me know how you get on...

If you're ready to make a career change start by asking yourself these 10 super powerful questions to help you discover your next career.

Or read my book 'Ready to quit your job?' - 📚 

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