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Why the co-founder of Wizz Air quit her job (and her husband followed suit shortly after)

Meet Natasa Kazmer and Jim Callaghan. Two extraordinary people, who both reached the pinnacle of their international careers, before they ultimately quit their jobs (both for very different reasons) and carved out a whole new, exciting chapter for themselves. Their only regret is not doing it sooner.

Before their big career changes, Natasa was co-founder and former head of corporate communications and public affairs of Wizz Air, and Jim was General Counsel to companies such as Ryanair, Etihad and Uber.

They were kind enough to share their fascinating career change story with me on my podcast 'Your Big Career Move', and you can watch the whole interview by clicking on the link below.

Amongst many other things we talked about:

- The big events that led to their respective career changes

- How they navigated the tricky transition period

- Why they’re so passionate about the work they’re doing now

You can find out more about Natasa and Jim’s business at

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