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The 4 weeks course went in a flash, from one week to next we were challenged, made to think about where we were and where we wanted to go with our careers, the other weeks focused on how to get there! Yesim's coaching makes you reconsider lost dreams, hidden ambitions, and realise your true potential! One of the best way to spend 4 hours of my life, which will have impact for years to come. Lovely course, lovely people, lovely Yesim.

Natalie K

Thanks to your programme I have completely changed my outlook and I am now really excited to explore what the future may hold. I would definitely recommend your programme to anyone who is unsure or stuck in their job or career. Thank you!!


I attended the YES program right after I quit my longtime career and was in search of a new path. The program made me realise my achievements, my goals, and bring structure to my process, which I'd been intuitively navigating through. Meeting others who are in a similar search from all around the world was so empowering as it makes you feel less alone in your journey. I strongly recommend doing it if you want to change course, but either haven't done it yet or jumped ship already and are at the start of a new path.


If I had done those coaching sessions a year ago I would have taken the opportunity to change job much sooner, and it would have spared me a lot of stress and anxiety due to a toxic work environment. I therefore strongly recommend Yesim for her enthusiasm and positive attitude towards the whole process of personal growth. A little step back in order to give your career a sparkling twist! Thank you greatly for such a gentle opportunity of self-assessment!


I truly enjoyed this coaching program. It gave me a framework to better design my journey toward change, identify roadblocks that I was afraid to tackle, and plan the next actionable steps. The group I was in was friendly and diverse, and Yesim provided a very lovely environment, where I felt safe, supported and free to explore what can feel like crazy ideas at times

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