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3 things you can do RIGHT NOW  to get you closer to your dream career
Tuesday, 13th June, 7pm-7.30pm (UK time) 

Hey There!

Feeling frustrated in your current job?

Dreaming of a more fun, more fulfilling career that's aligned with your passions and values?

If you've had a very linear, predictable, and indeed successful career so far, but now feel like it's time to do something more fulfilling, this webinar is for you.

Perhaps you're not sure how to make that career change, or you're

worried about the negative impact it could have on your life (and that

of your loved ones'). You're not alone!

A big career change can be extremely daunting, which is why for

many people it will remain a pipe dream.

In this free 30 minute webinar, we'll be exploring what opportunities are available to you beyond your current job, and looking at what is holding you back from making a career change.

"This 30 minute free webinar is packed with useful take aways and has truly challenged my thinking around my next career move".  - Sarah

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