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Why you need a CAREER mission statement

Your career mission statement is basically a few sentences, or even just a few words, that are meaningful to you and act as a guiding force when making decisions (big and small!) around your career. Its main purpose is to keep you focused whenever you’re considering any new career opportunities, whether it’s going for a promotion, taking on a new project or quitting your job in pursuit of a new adventure! Your mission statement will act as a highly effective filter that you can run each opportunity through. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just has to mean something to you. 

My career mission statement is very simple: 

I want to be doing work that is challenging, fun, rewarding and affords me the freedom to work where I want, when I want. 

Here are some examples of other career mission statements:

  • To do work that makes a positive impact on the environment and ensures my family is always provided for.

  • To pursue a career that ensures I’m always learning and contributing. 

  • To be an inspiring leader who sees and encourages the best in people. 

  • To use my gift as a speaker to help and inspire people around the world.

  • To use my storytelling skills to educate and entertain people. 

What will your mission statement be? 

How can you ensure it’s ingrained and top of mind? 

Some people go for the simple, yet effective option of writing it on a post-it note and sticking it somewhere they’ll see it all the time. Others have it as their screen saver. One of my clients joked about having it tattooed on his least I think he was joking!

I'd love to hear your career mission statement if/once you have one. Do share!

ps. If you want help creating your mission statement, I'll be running 1-2-1 sessions with 3 people w/c 11th March at a one off cost of £69. To book just DM me or email me at 

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