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What does success mean to a 32 year old?

If you're over the age of 32, can you cast your mind back to when you were that age? 

What were you doing? 

What would your definition of success have been back then? 

You may already know that I love asking people what their definition of success is. 

When I spoke to Hector Stanley on my podcast about his definition of success I was quite taken aback. It wasn't at all what I was expecting from the 32 year old co-founder of the startup ditto

I realise this is a gross generalisation, but in my experience people who mention words like "positive impact", "charity" and "community" when talking about success, tend to be more advanced in years. 

If you fancy listening/watching the whole interview about how Hector transitioned from engineering to entrepreneurship, you can find it on YouTube, Apple and Spotify.

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