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Wearing old shoes?

You know how you've invested a load of time, energy and money in your career over the years?

Now you're thinking about making a change...BUT...

You feel guilty about "throwing it all away" in your pursuit of a more fulfilling career?

You're not alone!

I recently interviewed Sarah Mannone on my podcast. She had a super successful career as an Executive Vice President of a Marketing agency in New York.

The decision to leave her job not an easy one. In fact it took her several months to make the decision and then a few more to actually make the bold move.

Having been influenced from a very young age by her parents and grandparents, she’d always had a love of nature and gardening. Reaching mid age she started to ask herself some challenging, existential questions and reached the conclusion that she wanted to do something more meaningful. She is now the proud founder of landscape and gardening design company Valley Halt.

“It's ok if something that we built and we were proud of and we put all this effort into, it's okay if that doesn't serve us anymore. Because we're humans. We change, we continue to change. We are not the same people at 40 that we were when we were 20, and we're not the same people at 60 as we were when we were 40.”

She used an analogy, which I really like and would like to share with you.

She likened her career to a pair of old shoes, which fit her perfectly and were very comfortable for many years.

However, when you’re getting ready to run a new race, they may not be the right shoe for you anymore. They eventually stop serving their purpose.

Are you walking around (or even running) in old shoes that aren't fit for purpose anymore?

If you're planning to make 2024 the year when you finally follow your dreams and do something with your life that you feel excited and proud of, why not join the 2024 “you-won’t-have-to-wait-very-long” list for my Group Career Change programme? You'll be the first to know when dates are released.

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