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'Ready to quit your job?' Author Hot Seat

In a twist of roles, Yesim Nicholson, usually found asking the questions on 'Your Big Career Move', finds herself in the guest seat, interviewed by her close friend, Lizzie. The occasion? The launch of Yesim's book, geared towards those contemplating a significant shift in their careers. 

Throughout the interview, the conversation flows from Yesim's unexpected journey into authorship to the heart of the book's message: navigating career quandaries with grace and purpose. 

Yesim introduces readers to the notion that finding joy in one's career often requires a mix of reflection, minor adjustments, or even bold leaps into the unknown. The duo elucidates on the idea that midlife is not merely a crisis but an opportunity for profound self-discovery and redirection. They dive into practical advice, emphasising the importance of mindfulness, sleep, and surrounding oneself with a supportive network. The interview, peppered with humour and warmth, promises the book to be a beacon for those yearning to rediscover their professional zeal and reshape their career trajectory in a fulfilling manner.

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