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Do I have to reinvent myself?

“I can’t face the prospect of having to completely reinvent myself”.

This is a common and totally understandable mental barrier people have to making a career change. 

Having to completely reinvent yourself may seem exciting to a few, but utterly daunting to most. 

The good news is that you don’t have to completely reinvent yourself. In fact, you’re not required to reinvent yourself at all. You’ll still be YOU no matter what role you take on! 

The way I see it is that a new role just brings out a different side of you. It can bring out all of your best assets; the absolute best version of YOU!

Taking on a new role can allow you to stretch yourself and explore skills and passions that may have sat dormant for years. It can allow you to express a different side of yourself and showcase talents few knew you had. 

So if the thought of having to reinvent yourself for the first, or 50th time, is what’s holding you back from going after your dream career, perhaps it’s just a matter of reframing things. 

If you’d like help with your career transition, get in touch, have a read of ‘Ready to quit your job?’ or listen to some inspiring career change stories on my podcast

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