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Becoming an avid collector of little (and big!) wins...

Updated: Apr 9

We’re instinctively good at keeping score of things that didn’t quite go our way. Little wins pass us by because we’re not focused on them. 

Many clients I've worked with on their career change journey have lost their confidence and mojo somewhere along the way. Building that confidence back up is paramount. If you don't believe in yourself and your abilities, how is your brilliance meant to shine through? 🤩 

One of the simple, yet super powerful exercises I encourage them to do is to keep track of their matter how big or small. Write them down somewhere. One of my clients writes them on little pieces of colourful paper and pops them in a jar. When she has a "flat" day, she pulls them out to remind herself of all of her wins. 

What do you do to build your confidence when it's low?

If you're ready to make a career change start by asking yourself these 10 super powerful questions to help you discover your next career.

Or read my book 'Ready to quit your job?' - 📚 

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