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A Self-Congratulatory Moment

Updated: Feb 21

Rarely do we find ourselves sitting quietly, contemplating our accomplishments and admiring our own brilliance. Instead, it's more common to focus on the unachieved goals, the aspirations we're still chasing.

This is your moment to indulge in self-praise, to recognise and celebrate your own magnificence. This exercise isn't simply about basking in temporary self-appreciation. It's vital because it helps us gain valuable insights into what truly matters to us, allowing us to shape a career that is both meaningful and fulfilling, one that resonates with our proudest achievements.

Give it a try!

List down every achievement in your career so far. What fills you with immense pride? Jot down as many as come to mind, then push for five more. In my experience working with clients, they often surprise themselves with the sheer volume of praiseworthy accomplishments in their professional journey. Each one of us has milestones worth celebrating.

Notice any recurring themes in these achievements?

Finally, give yourself a well-deserved, figurative (or literal, if you're flexible enough) pat on the back.

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