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A change of scenery

Feel like you need a change of scenery, but not quite ready for a BIG change? 

A secondment could be just what the doctor ordered!

I’m a big fan of secondments. It can be a really great way to gain new experiences, and there’s very little risk involved. 

A secondment is likely to give you deeper insight into what you do and don’t enjoy. There’s a good chance it will give you a newfound appreciation of your day-to-day activities, familiar environment and perhaps even of your colleagues in your current role. 

It could however also do the exact opposite and expose you to a whole new exciting world. New projects, new colleagues, a new environment, unfamiliar assignments, and the opportunity to embark on a new learning experience. 

If it’s something you’d like to explore, why not approach the subject with your line manager or HR? 

If you have experience of taking a secondment, do share...

Ps. I recently chatted with Hector Stanley about his career change. He's co-founder of ditto, who specialise in secondments and are always happy to chat to people who are interested in initiating a secondment, so do feel free to contact them. 

Listen to/watch the interview here -

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